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Music Arts Services

Students from the Music Arts School regularly perform around town as part of their training but they are also available for hire. They will play at weddings, birthdays, corporate events and private functions to name a few. Rates are competitive but in line with other performers across the city. Click through to see a list of performers.

Students from the Music Arts programme available for hire are listed below.



Von Voin Strum

Von Voin Strum have gone from nothing at the start of 2010 to gigs coming out of their ears and eggs to winning the UCSA Battle of the Bands they are now ready to take on the world.

They play a nice blend of psychedelic gospel chops and blues rock even a little bit of Indian influenced aromas in there also.

They’ve played around town at all the old venues (RIP) such as: Al’s Bar, Goodbye Blue Monday, El Santo, UCSA Ballroom, and the Dux de Lux.












Von Voin Strum - Take Me Home by Von Voin Strum



Von Voin Strum - Femur Femur by Von Voin Strum



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The Laon

hello, we are THE LAON

The Laon are best described as being like a large mouthful of green jelly on a spoon that once put up to your face and into your mouth, swallowed and inside your belly, begins to bubble and boil and make you feel all warm and tingly, and you feel the sensation move throughout your body and when it hits your brain......POW!!!! you become lost in a world of lemon grass and ice cream mountains where the sky is eyes and and air is scented with lavender. You walk a while, enjoying this feeling and you wish it would go on forever .......


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Ashei are a four-piece pop/rock band from Christchurch with a shared passion for intense live performance and honest song writing. Ashei are sure to not only appeal to fans looking for a solid rock act, but also people looking for something unique, fresh and a little left of centre.

Ashei have had the privilege of opening for an array of well-known international bands such as The Ataris (USA), and also well-received New Zealand acts like Midnight Youth and Dane Rumble. Through their growth they have built their way up to headlining local Chch acts, and are beginning to see higher recognition throughout the wider NZ.

Ashei have a strong work ethic, and pride themselves on their independence, personally funding everything they do from touring, through to recording and releasing their music.
















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Inside Out

Rock Band

InsideOut are a Christchurch based covers band playing a great party mix of the best of 60's and 70's rock and pop, intermingled with a few classic Kiwi toons. Members: Hugo - Vox/Guitar, Allan - Guitar/Vox, Marie - Keys, Dave - Bass/Vox, Tim - Drums, will treat you to some of the best songs you can remember.










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Secondi bloomed out of a flower pot and burst onto the scene of a LAN party. Fresh indie tunes promptly followed with the occasional well organized gig and hopeless party. Members Brendon, Mark, Jacob and Rob are currently working hard on a small album that's going to expand on the current sound, try some new ideas and distribute the music we love playing together.








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Eskimotown is Christchurch's hottest covers band, who specialize in all the baddest Motown, Funk and Soul classics. Their set list ranges from Stevie Wonder and James Brown, to Jamiroquai and Outkast.

Eskimotown "Virtual Reality" by samblakelock



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Oval Office

Hailing from Christchurch, Oval Office are a seven-piece funk band featuring some of New Zealand's finest musical talent. Known for their tight, high energy shows, Oval Office play an engaging mix of original funk, soul, jazz, blues and latin music delivering hard hitting grooves, explosive horn lines and enticing, soulful vocals. Comprising some of New Zealand's most in demand session musicians, Oval Office boasts a wealth of performance experience. The seven members have worked extensively as recording artists, band members, writers, arrangers and collaborators with some of New Zealand's finest artists and internationally renowned performers.

Check out more tunes!















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LA Mitchell

With a growing reputation for her polished live act and the spectacular power of her voice, L.A.Mitchell has firmly established herself in the New Zealand music scene. She has opened for both Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie, and juggles her solo career with her rock-chick -alter-ego as a member of Top 10 band Dukes. In 2009 she was named first songwriter in residence for Auckland University. She has performed for Bic Runga, Tim Finn, Guy Sebastian, Dane Rumble, Stan Walker, J Williams and the Urban Soul Orchestra ( U.K) and regularly performs with Dave Dobbyn.

L.A. Mitchell has released two self-produced albums and features on recordings by Oakley Grenell , Sola Rosa and the 2009 release of Fly My Pretties a story . She is currently collaborating with legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood (UK) , Kevin Marktrail (UK) Justyn Pilbrow (USA) & George Duncan (NZ) on material for her next record.


NOT YOUR WISH by honestyboxrecords


THING WE DO FOR LOVE by honestyboxrecords


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Using a vast array of guitars, effects, drums and percussion Sikpuppy is the worlds first future-jazz-duo. Their influences range from John Mayer to Miles Davis.



Sikpuppy ft George Cook "Too much Juice" by samblakelock



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Les Bacchantes Barbe

 Jazz duo.

Four On Six by Les Bacchantes Barbe


Little Sunflower by Les Bacchantes Barbe



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Bazi Baker

 Jazz band.

06 Stella by starlight by Bazi Baker



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Fighting the Blue

Fighting the Blue were winners of the Queenstown ASB JazzFest Jumpstart Competition in 2008. They play a collection of Jazz, Funk and Groove tunes, perfect for your next big event.


Fighting The Blue - Track 4 by ignition


Fighting The Blue - Track 2 by ignition


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The Misty Jazz Duo

The Misty Jazz Duo can be seen around a number of bars and cafes in Christchurch. And you can have them play at your own event when you want that special laid back jazz vibe.


Misty Jazz Duo - Track 1 by ignition


Misty Jazz Duo - Track 2 by ignition


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Kaylee Bell

At the tender age of 21, Kiwi Kaylee Bell already has an impressive list of accolades to her name. NZ Gold Guitar Winner at the age of 18, Kaylee is an exciting new Singer/Songwriter to hit the Australian Country Music scene with her powerful delivery, stunning vocal range and heartfelt lyrics.








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The Shred Method


Terebinth are a christian metal band based in Christchurch. Their sound is heavily influenced by metal bands Living Sacrifice and Killswitch Engage, In Flames and Soilwork. Currently working on recording their first demo of all-original songs, they are looking for gigs in Christchurch. Give them a call if you'd like them to play at your event.


05 Terebinth - The Call of Freedom by Terebinth


02 Terebinth - Isaiah 27s Commission by ignition


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The Shred Method

The Shred Method

Learn to play like the masters with instructional metal guitar DVD, The Shred Method. Accomplish outstanding speed, accuracy, and metal guitar technique. Guitar instructor Jordan McLean takes you through techniques, licks and tricks of metal soloing and riffing. To purchase the DVD or book him for a lesson follow the links.






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