FUSE - Orientation 2012

FUSE 2012 Orientation is a week long programme of events, fun and entertainment brought to you by Ignition and the CPSA, CPIT.

Activities for everyone to ease into the new year at CPIT. Enjoy Bands & BBQ's all over the Madras Street and Sullivan Ave campuses from 12.15pm daily as well as plenty of onsite activities.

FREE Evening events onsite for the remainder of the week including bands The Guest, Von Voin Strum, The Popstrangers, a comedy night and much more. Strictly R18 - Bar and food available.

Listen to The Laon while you check out the FREE gigs listed below, starting from 8.30pm each night.

Event Schedule: Lunchtime

Find out what your campus is putting on during the lunch break and during the first week back for first years.

Madras Street campus
Sullivan Ave campus
or find out what your school has planned for Orientation 2012.

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Dub Knight

Tui Sound System, dDub, Knights of the DUB Table

Renowned for their 'cranking and...

Start Date: 25 February, 2012

Indie Opening

T54, Ghostwave, The Transistors

T54 have recently recorded their debut EP Drone...

Start Date: 24 February, 2012


The Guest, Von Voin Strum, The Popstrangers

Start Date: 2 March, 2012

New Music Collective

New Music Collective, DJ Mike Tee (from 10.30pm)

Start Date: 1 March, 2012

Comedy Night

Justine Smith, Steve Wrigley

Justine Smith

There is something about the...

Start Date: 29 February, 2012


The night opens with ...

Speed Dancing Lesson

Start Date: 28 February, 2012